These CDs are the first collections of erotic audio literature to be created in binaural for the ultimate in "you are there" sonic experiences with headphones. Designed for both women and men, they are one-hour anthologies of explicit audio erotica to bring the sexual imagination to life.

Erotic audio is all you will find in this special section; no pictures or printed literature. Erotica comes in many guises, from the raunchy to the cerebral, and the entire range is encompassed in these varied and imaginative sketches and sonic scenes. Sex therapists agree that the human brain is really the primary sex organ, and when it has the assistance of both ears and binaural sound the results can be truly mind-blowing! You'll find excitement, mystery, taboo, wonder, coziness and plenty of humor in these recordings. All the tracks may not be equally appealing, but the discriminating adult will surely find some favorites that one may want to share.

To do that, we don't advise the arrangement in the illustration above, but rather that you obtain a simple headphone Y-connector so you can both have a simultaneous experience with these CDs! Pick one up at your local Radio Shack or order from Passion Press, who also have other non-binaural erotic audio literature recordings for your listening pleasure.