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Cyborgasm 1 & 2 are the first erotic audios to be recorded in binaural, using the Aachen Head Acoustics system for what the albums' producers call "Virtual 3D Audio." Using sonic rendering and digital imagination, these two collections of sketches are a sound garden of fleshly delights. They are also one of the most convincing demonstrations of binaural's ability to put the listener where the sound originated - on an equal with the Steven King dramatization "The Mist" on our main site - but Hot instead of Chilling! The producers were Lisa Palac, Editor of FutureSex magazine (whom the New York Times called "the Queen of High Tech Porn") and Ron Gompertz, formerly of Heyday Records (whose binaural music CDs are also offered by THE BINAURAL SOURCE). Also involved were top writers, actors, sex educators, storytellers and musicians. This series originally sold over 70,000 in distribution by Warner Bros. Records.

Lisa Palac said "This is a collection of sexual realities...It wasn't easy, but we did it. There's a common perception that it doesn't take much to create erotica...In truth, it may be one of the most difficult things to do. Even the most original and creative ideas end up foiled by the overall stigma associated with (gasp!) pornography."

The different tracks feature men and women telling erotic stories and sharing their explicit fantasies with you - from whispered sweet nothings to no-holds-barred lust. Also amorous encounters and erotic spoken word, mixed with sensual music and natural and environmental sounds. For some of the wildest recorded listening of your life, just put on your headphones, close your eyes and open your ears and mind!

Volume 1 features such noted performance artists as Annie Sprinkle, Susie Bright, Don Bajema and Mistress Kat. Some of the titles are: Virtual Love, Embrasse-moi, Deep Inside Your Cosmic Body Erotic, Lost Innocence, Daddy's Grrl, Wet Nightmare, The Swing.

Volume 2 presents noted monologist Josh Kornbluth in a hilarious recounting of his initial sexual experience, also Carol Queen, Lisa Palac, Susie Bright and others. Some of the titles are: Puppy, Mardi Gras, Vicious Panties, Peep Show, Rodeo, and Inside Marcie's Bedroom. [Both from Passion Press.]

ENCOUNTERS EROTICA A-3 $17 "A Virtual Audio Sexual Experience"

The Kama Sutra illustration introduces a rather different approach to erotic audio. The five tracks of this collection, also recorded binaurally with the Aachen Head System, are less "produced" than the Cyborgasm series and don't feature any actors/performers. Instead, the dummy head has been a participant in these intimate scenes involving two or three persons who volunteered to express themselves fully without inhibitions. There were no scripts, rehearsals or simulations; this is the real thing. The recordings were made in the participants' own homes. As one put it, "Sexual pleasure is one of the ultimate pleasures we can share on earth - everyone needs to feel the fulfillment we do."

The listener becomes an aural voyeur via the dummy head, which is sometimes moved closest to the area that is generating the most interesting sounds when no dialog is happening. And that dialog often shows the participants sharing a wonderful sense of humor that is very infectious. You have the sensation of being actually present in the room and inches away from the most intimate interactions. The five tracks are as follows: Warm Up!, Femme a Femme, The Whip, Sensual Trio, Digital Domain. [Libido Records].

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