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TANGO SUBVERSIVO - Jürgen Sturm J-2 $21
Jürgen Sturm, jazz guitarist, and his tentet "Ballstars," have a ball on this fun session. Do not pass this sweet little record by unless you've lost both your sense of music and your sense of humor!. . .Stürm's arrangements will bring to mind the work of Carla Bley, The Willem Breuker Kollektief and The Microscopic Septet. - CADENCE Magazine. Sel. include Maybe We Shouldn't, 77 Throughshine Slip, James Bounce, Last Xango, Flick Flag. Sturm, guitar; Stefan Bauer, marimbaphone; Hugo Ramirez, Herbert Leuchter & Semel Sembritzki, reeds; Jel Jongen, trombone; Pinguin Moschner, tuba; Michael Schoneich, bass; Manfred Rahier, drums; Am Leidner, percussion. Please don't jump out of your seat at the end of Cha Cha para Abeja, when someone loudly whispers "cha cha cha" in first one ear and then the other! Highly recommended! [This is one of our free Binaural Downloads at this site.] Aachen Head recording; our exclusive import fr. Nabel.

MIDNIGHT SUN - Modern Jazz Trio J-3 $21
Andy Lumpp, Bösendorfer piano (with its extra range in the bass end); Hugo Read, saxes; Michael Küttner, percussion play The Little Prince, Karin, Mondstein, Song for You, Fly On, and the title tune. Very enjoyable melodic small jazz group with a variety of instrumental effects highly localized; recorded in a church for enveloping but not overly reverberant acoustics. Aachen head; our exclusive import from German Nabel label.

The album title in German, "Choral Concert," is very misleading because this is entirely instrumental - featuring pipe organ, sax, flute and guitar in eight extended improvisations on Lutheran chorale melodies. You don't need to be familiar with the chorales to appreciate the fine music-making by this unusual combination of instruments. Aachen head, 62 1/2 min., Nabel.
A church concert of a very special kind...This is improvised music - the very reason for the increasingly enticing beauty and density of this music. . .Somehow, this is ecclesiastical jazz =  Die Zeit. Listening to these recordings you will always sense the location and the space. You will hear the echo, the flute player's breath and the clatter of the organ registers. . . =  Manfred Sack.

"Another View" - Another entirely instrumental session two years later at another cathedral with the same musicians (Karl Scharnweber, Thomas Klemm & Wolfgang Schmiedt) and eight more improvisations on Bach and Lutheran Chorales. Sax and flute player Thomas Klemm convinces through imaginative lines and guitarist Wolfgang Schmiedt performs with vitality and romanticism. This recording, a sequel to Vol. I, offers as outstanding sound quality as has its predecessor. = Hi-Fi Vision


MOODS OF OLD NEW ORLEANS - Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble - J-7 CD $9 
AVAILABLE AGAIN! An exciting 12-member ensemble with a total of over 400 years of jazz experience, recorded live during concert at Fairfield Universary, using the $30K Aachen Head System. These classic players - both from Bourbon Street and elsewhere in America - uncover the lost moods of classic New Orleans jazz, including some lost treasures that have laid in obscurity for 75 years. From the Hogan Jazz Archive of Tulane University. Tune list: While We Danced at the Mardi Gras, Snag It, Canal Street Blues, Tampeekoe, Do Ya Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?, Sugarfoot Stomp, Mississippi Rag, Sweet Lovin Man, Mad, Ophelia Rag, Just a Closer Walk With Thee, Buddy`s Habits, Eccentric, Jackass Blues, Discontinued Blues, Mama`s Gone Goodbye, Clarinet Marmalade. Traditional jazz as it was originally played, but with today's musical accuracy and tomorrow's 3D sonics. And a bargain price on top of it!

THE GOLDEN AGE OF NEW ORLEANS JAZZ - Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble, Volume 2 - J-8  CD $9
This exceptional ensemble of young and old traditional jazz masters is back again for a 15-track visit to old New Orleans! Part of the Hogan Jazz Archive of Tulane University. This and Volume 1 above are not kitschy Dixieland-style jazz - this is the real thing - and in a big band instrumentation and exciting arrangements of both standards and rarely-heard tunes. Includes Bourbon Street Parade, Burgundy Street Blues, As You Like It, The Old Rugged Cross, New Orleans Stomp, Do Doodle Oom, Shake It and Break It, among others. The astounding realism of the live concert recording using the Aachen Head System puts the ensemble right in front of you - you can pick out every soloist in space!

NOTE: Although Naxos is one of the most active record labels in the world and their releases are available in any CD stores, these two unique CDs are NOT part of the current Naxos Jazz Series and are exclusively imported by THE BINAURAL SOURCE from the Swedish Naxos office. They are not available anywhere else in the U.S.!

THE 12 SEASONS - Volker Schlott, solo reeds J-10 CD $20
An amazing performance on flutes, recorders, saxes, whistles saxophonist Volker Schlott, playing in the reverberant acoustics of the Schleswig Cathedral - with the performer often moving around spatially to fascinating effect. 12 improvisatory tracks create a singular atmosphere of suspense and tremendous depth; definitely not Vivaldi's Seasons nor Tchaikovsky's either! HI-FI EXKLUSIV said: An absolute must for friends of chamber- music-style jazz..  KlangRaume label.


SONGS OF BERLIN - Inner Visuals (Jorg Huke & Wolfgang Schmiedt) J-11 CD $20. That trombonist Jorg Huke and guitarist Wolfgang Schmiedt come from jazz, are in full command of their instruments, and that their music has been put together in an intelligent and harmonizing way, is obvious. - JAZZ PODIUM. An unusual instrumental CD with lots of performer spatial movement. Tunes: Open the Door, Pancake Waltz, Back from Bilbao, Rickie Tikki Tavi, Wonderland Berlin, Beginning Winds, Markee Malrkau, Wind Bells. This duo blends a unique musical language with humor, virtuosity and sound effects for an incomparable sound experience. KlangRaume label.

You lose yourself in binaural; time becomes relative. - Edward Tatnall Canby, AUDIO

BACH CHORALES - ChoralConcert + Fun Horns "Weihnachtsora-torium" J-12 CD $20  Talk about crossover! Both groups have set standards in European jazz, and here deal with musical roots which they combine in pipe organ-based improvisations with brass on familiar Bach chorales. Their outstanding capabilities enable them to create a bridge connecting two musical styles. Organ, guitar, two saxes, trumpet & trombone. HIFI EXKLUSIV reported: The six musicians interpret and comment on convincingly that I emphatically recommend it to all classical and jazz CD listeners. KlangRaume More Reviews Here.


PASSION - ChoralConcert + Timbre J-13 CD $20
Another masterpiece from the unusual German trio, in improvisations on 17th Century chorales. The vocal quartet Timbre joins them, discovering a new language in which to interpret old hymns. Recorded with the Aachen head in the Cathedral of Schleswig. Said THE STUTTGART ZEITUNG: Passion composed by these two ensembles, is an exciting wickerwork of voices and instruments ...developing an impressive meditation for voices, organ, electric guitar and saxophone out of what was once an entirely vocal devotional service. More Info on ChoralConcert.(See their brand new Pictures At An Exhibition in New Releases section) KlangRaume.


MARTIN LUTHER CHORALES - ChoralConcert J-14 CD $20
Scharnweber, Klemm & Schmiedt, in commemoration of the 450th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther, improvise on 14 of his most important hymns. Jazz, but representing the songs' religious content according to Luther's own wishes: That not only the lips should pray, but rather the heart as well.  Rec. with Aachen head in Wittenberg Cathedral in 1996. Lavish fold-out album. More Reviews Here.  KlangRaume label.

The Standard Bearer - The Mike Hatchard Trio - J-15 - $18
Jazz pianist Hatchard has put together an eclectic assortment of 13 straight ahead tunes, incl. such standards as Satin Doll, Girl From Ipanema, My Funny Valentine, Ain't Misbehavin,' plus three originals; recorded live at a swinging British jazz club - and making you feel like you're really there - break out the Guiness! Engineer Mike Skeet's proprietary dummy head improves frontal imaging in binaural and reduces audience noise.


Marks on the Air - G P Hall, guitars & Electronic Sound Sculptures - J-16 - $18 New improvised music for electric guitar, electronics and such simple implements as mechanical crickets, alligator clips, Velcro strips, metal tubes etc. from a guitarist influenced by Flamenco, blues, jazz and rock. A dozen tracks, plus opening and closing in which the recording engineer brings his dummy head into the auditorium for the live concert and leaves at the end. Emotional compositions that take the listener on a journey through different phases, mental locations and states of feeling - SOUND ON SOUND. A six-string kaleidoscope...An orchestra in an amplifier and a drawer full of oddments. - AVANT.

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