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Here Are Binaural Samples! Plug in any stereo headphones and EXPERIENCE and LEARN ABOUT BINAURAL! While these demos will give you a good sample of the binaural experience, remember that you're not hearing quite everything, because data-compressed audio on the Internet is still not able to capture all the subtleties of binaural while allowing you to download files quickly. But if this is your first binaural experience you are sure to be impressed! SPECIAL WARNING TO USERS OF WINDOWS '95: MicroSoft in their wisdom made MONO the Default Setting for MPEG audio playback! You must go into the settings to switch to Stereo or you will never hear two channels in binaural OR stereo.
DOWNLOADING/INSTALLING AN MP3 PLAYER: First verify that your computer has a sound card and a jack to plug in stereo headphones. Be certain the headphone plug is fully inserted into the jack - it is possible to hear a signal in both ears but actually be mixing the two channels into mono, which will not transmit any of binaural's astonishing spatial realism. Download and install an appropriate version of a player; RealAudio's RealPlayer, MicroSoft's Media Player and Apple's QuickTime are the most popular. Then either configure your browser to use the player automatically, or download to your desktop and play the files when offline.
Enjoy these clips collected from ODEO....

powered by ODEO DMCE #57: Ongrophone (In-Ear Binaural Microphones Podcast: Digital Media Cast Experiment John Ong from showed me a great way to get an easy stereo audio image. Its TOO much fun. More info: Source Website

powered by ODEO STREET LIFE: Battle of the Buskers runs for 23:33 Podcast: Xan Phillips Presents... August 8, 2005 A gypsy preacher and a blind whistling busker battle it out on Guildford High Street. Binaural recording with interviews. More info: Source Website

Music demos in MP3!  

Binaural music demonstration using $49 budget mini-binaural microphones

 See the selection of binaural recording microphones available from Sound Professionals

Neighborhood concert, neighbors, birds, in to movie

The concert was outdoors across a valley in my neighborhood. I just built the Radio Shack microphones into a headset and was trying it out. Listening to it the first few times, I had to check if the birds were live or part of the recording. I hadn't understood about moving my head during the recording, so you hear some of that as well as other noise.

Peter Sul contributed a recording made in a Florida church
along with a stereographic photo of his equipment

Click here for more info, like how to build you own headset, and sound links.

If you want more for free, check out the demo titled "Listen to these Doggies!" plus links to many other binaural samples at the same site - HeadWize - and elsewhere. Then peruse our complete catalog. Give us your feedback at Site Feedback
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