Vox Humana - Bach/Boellman/Vierne/Messiaen

Messiaen: Livre du St. Sacrement

Symphonic Organ Music: Liszt/Tournemire/Vierne

Then and Now - Wurlitzer Theater Organ

Joyce Jones at the Cadet Chapel

Widor: Sym. No. 8

Widor: Sym. No. 1

Joyce Jones at the Ruffatti Organ

Hymnus Angeli - Music for Children

A Mighty Fortress - Lutheran Chorales

The Colors of the Organ - Joyce Jones

Joyce Jones Plays the Letourneau Organ

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Binaural does a great job putting the listener right into the church, cathedral or hall where the organ originally played. It clarifies the multitudinous reflections and re-reflections of the sound in such large spaces that turn mushy and overly "wet" on most stereo recordings of organs, obscuring the original music.

[My first binaural experience] was hearing a tape of a pipe organ in a huge hall. I had never heard "recorded space" before and with the pipe organ playing that was a sound I wanted more of. --V.G., San Bernardino

VOX HUMANA -Organ Masterworks O-1 $25
Stefan Palm plays the pipe organ of the Cathedral of Aachen, Germany in this live concert recorded with the Aachen Head Acoustics System. Boellmann: Suite Gothique; Bach: Chorale-Prelude BWV 654, Fantasy and Fugue in G Minor BWV 542, Organ Piece BWV 572; Boely: Fantasy and Fugue in B Major; Vierne: Impromptu; Guilmant: Finale of Sonata in D Minor. Projekt Freies Kunsthaus Produktion; our exclusive import from Germany.

MESSIAEN: Livre du Saint Sacrement O-2 $35 (2 CDs)
The Book of the Holy Sacrament, by the late French composer, was his first organ work in 16 years. Its 18 movements last nearly two hours. Almut Rösler performs on the largest church organ in the world, the Eisenbarth Organ at Hohen Dom in Passau. Messiaen returned to expanded tonality and major chords in this beautiful work. Aachen head recording for the Motette label in Germany, a double-CD boxed set.

Liszt: Fantasy & Fugue on B-A-C-H; Rheinberger: Sonata No. 4; Vierne: Three Fantasy Pieces; Tournemire: Consummatum est; Messiaen: Transports of Joy. Thierry Mechler, organist at the Markt Church, Wiesbaden, Germany. A 51-min. program truly exploiting the symphonic potential of this very large instrument. Neumann head, Motette label.

THEN AND NOW, Wurlitzer Theater Organ O-4 $15
Donna Parker and Bill Vlasak play the giant Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ in the Paramount Music Palace in Indianapolis. The 17 tracks range from music from "Cats" and "Wizard of Oz" to ragtime, Gershwin, movies themes etc. Terrific side and behind-you effects, even via speakers! This was the first U.S. recording made with the Aachen Head. 57 1/2 min. Donna Parker Productions. Highly recommended.

JOYCE JONES at the Cadet Chapel Organ O-5 $20
The 302-rank organ in the chapel of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point is now the largest organ in a religious building and third largest instrument in the world. Jones' program illustrates the variety of sounds available with this unique instrument: Two Bach Preludes, Intermezzo & Scherzo by Rheinberger, Capriccio by Purvis, Variations on America by Ives, Pastorale and Aviary by Roberts, Chorale Prelude by Elmore, Fantasie on the Te Deum by Tournemire, Variations on a Noel by Dupre and Improvisation on The Red Dragonfly, by Joyce Jones. The low bass on this Aachen head recording is absolutely earth-shaking! 64 min. Motette label. Recommended.

WIDOR: Organ Symphony No. 8; also VIERNE & GUILMANT Works O-9 $20
Odile Pierre at the organ of Notre-Dame de la Dalbade in Toulouse. No. 8, one of the most interesting all the organ symphonies, is seldom performed due to its length (7 movements), complexity, and technical difficulties. The "filler" pieces are Vierne's Arabesque and Marche funebre et chant seraphique by Guilmant. Aachen head, 62 1/2 min., Motette.

WIDOR: Organ Symphony No. 1; VIERNE: Fantasy Pieces O-10 $20
Suzanne Chaisemartin at the Cavaillé-Coll organ of St.-Augustin, Paris. The longest of the seven movements of No. 1 is a regal Marche Pontificale. Three Fantasy Pieces by Vierne round out the 55 1/2 min. program via the Neumann head for Motette.


JOYCE JONES at the Ruffatti Organ O-12 $16
The leading organist performs on a new 79-rank organ installed in one of the finest smaller concert halls in the U.S., Spivey Hall in Morrow, GA. The ten tracks of shorter works balance the French school with the German, including some quite early pieces. Aachen head recording of great clarity by Wade Bray. 60 1/2 min. Rosenhaus Records. Highly Recommended.

Joyce Jones is a very fine player...the organ has great pedal bass heard in most selections...sounds exceptionally spacious and natural through either headphones or speakers, and even more realistic through a surround speaker array. - Andrew Marshall's AUDIO IDEAS GUIDE, Canada

HYMNUS ANGELI - Childrens' Songs for Pipe Organ O-15 $25
Organist Stefan Palm in what may seem an unlikely combination of repertory and instrument, but truly a lovely program of music in state-of-the-art sonics. Selections are: Satie: Embryons Dessches; Debussy: Childrens' Corner; Bizet: Jeux d'Enfants; Schumann: Scenes from Childhood; Beckers: Op. 14. Organ of St. Jacobs, Hamburg, Germany; rec. with Aachen head for Projekt Freies Kunsthaus.


A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD - Organ solos + ChoralConcert O-17 CD $20
Lutheran hymns and chorales with music by Bach, Mendelssohn, Strauss, Reger and others are each first played solo by Anne-Dore Baumgarten on the Ladegast Organ and then the ChoralConcert trio plays eight variations on them. One hears the similarities and contrasts between variations of yesterday and today in this interesting and diverse mixture. Includes Von Himmel hoch, Christ lag in Todesbanden and three versions of Ein feste Burg. Lavish boxed presentation with photos and English notes. More reviews on the series of ChoralConcert recordings. KlangRaume.

THE COLORS OF THE ORGAN - Joyce Jones at Baylor University - O-18 $16
The noted organist performs on the 92-rank McLane Organ (1993) in Jones Concert Hall on the campus. The program is 19th and 20th century repertory, including some works in their recording premieres. Karg-Elert: Three Chorale Improvisations; Jones: Variations on "Amazing Grace;" Bingham: Twilight at Fiesole; Carlson: Resurrection; Guilmant: Pastorale Op. 26; Reubke: Sonata on the 94th Psalm. Recorded by Wade Bray using an Aachen Head system, fro Rosenhaus Records.


This smaller organ, with 30 ranks and a mechanical action, is light and responsive and is in a reverberant acoustical setting, perfectly captured with an Aachen Head system by Wade Bray. Program - Bach: Toccata and Fugue in F Major; Schumann: Canon in B Major; Walther: Three Choral Preludes; Mozart: Fantasy in F Minor; Kuchar: Pastorale; Rathgeber: Aira Pastorella; Dornel: Versets on the Third Tone; Widor: Adagio & Toccata from Symphony V. Rosenhaus Records.

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