COMPLETELY DIFFERENT...(Beyond Category)   Part 1 of 2



The six-member Percussions of Strasbourg made this recording in the presence of renowned composer Iannis Xenakis. Only binaural could preserve the spatial dimension so important to appreciation of the music's polyrhythmic complexities. A demo recording with real depth. Classical Pulse said: A riveting, full-length composition for percussion, creating a convincing programmatic portrait of the stars and their constellations...The impression is of an "ethnic" music recorded on another planet. 44 min., from Harmonia mundi France.


IMPERIAL BELLS OF CHINA - Song & dance ensemble X-5 $17
The Hubei Song and Dance Ensemble grew out of the amazing discovery of a 2400-year-old Chinese tomb containing more than 120 musical instruments, including the earliest example of an instrument with a broad chromatic scale of set pitches. Playing reproductions of some of the tomb instruments, exquisite sounds and music are created by the musicians in the soaring environment of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC, one of the most musically reverberant performing spaces in the world. Widerange Aachen head recording by Wade Bray, 57 min. Fortuna Records. Highly Recommended.


METROPOLIS - Club Foot Orchestra X-8 $15
Another film soundtrack, an original score created for the Gorgio Moroder restoration of the 1926 Fritz Lang sci-fi classic. This adventurous band draws inspiration from Weill, Stravinsky, African idioms, swing, jazz, rock, blues and atonality. Taped in San Francisco's Castro Theater with the Aachen head, it also includes music to another film "Pool of Thanatos." 72 min. fr. Heyday Records. The audio is fascinating...Metropolis fares quite well over loudspeakers, losing only the sense of precise vertical solidity heard over headphones. -FANFARE Magazine.

Virtual Audio [which is what Heyday calls Binaural] puts the listener in the room with the musicians; it sounds as though they are standing right there in front of you. On headphones, the effect is astounding. Through speakers, it eliminates stereo 'sweet spots." ...a magnificent illusion that may in time change how all records are made. = SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

THE COLLAGE CD SERIES, by Michel Bayan  NOW DISCOUNTED FROM PREVIOUS $22 EACH! (The rather extravagant packaging was eliminated to bring them to normal CD pricing. After all, you can easily provide your own sleep shades and pillow!)

For over 20 years Bayan's Psycho-Acoustical Laboratories has developed acoustical environments to neutralize the effects of stress and anxiety. The CDs in his Collage Series provide a private world of sound which actually stimulates a state of relaxation and well-being. You are advised to turn off phones, pagers, and digital watch alarms, put on sleep shades, and use headphones, since the Collage Series uses binaural manipulation to draw the listener out of himself/herself and into another world of floating stress-free relaxation. The unique slant here, besides the use of binaural and the highest sonic quality, is the superb appropriateness of the musical selections - which are not at all your expected meandering/soupy new age improvisations. They are splendid and sublime passages from light classical and film music that are strong on melody and mood. Very effective for breath work, massage and other relaxation techniques. Supplied booklet explains the entire procedure.

John Sunier reports: I`ve vanquished a number of headaches without aspirin by just spending 45 minutes stretched out with a pillow, headphones , sleep shades, and aone of the Collage CDs. I thought I would tire of the music selections when hearing the discs again and again, but after several repetitions but that hasn't happened at all.

COLLAGE Vol. I X-11 $16
Music by Marcello, Morricone, Vangelis, St. Preux, Kitaro mixed with a variety of enveloping binaural nature sounds that flow the music in and around you.

COLLAGE Vol. II X-13 $16
Music by Wakeman, Marcello, Bach, Tarrega, Rodrigo, Morricone, Vangelis with many nature sounds in binaural.

COLLAGE Vol. III X-15 $16
"Scandinavian Fantasy" in 9 movements, mixes nature sounds rec. in Sweden with original music by Swedish composer Ralph Lundsten.

COLLAGE Vol. IV X-20 $16
Music of Kitaro, Granados, Jarre, Sor, Vivaldi and Tarrega with transporting binaural nature sounds

COLLAGE Vol. V X-21 $16
Music of Martini, Beethoven, Bizet, Vangelis, Satie, Mozart & Anon. with transporting binaural nature sounds.


Favorite tracks selected from the above albums. A good way to sample this innovative series of recordings. These are a variety of tracks lifted from the various Collage CDs, mostly without the various nature sounds.

The COLLAGE series is really effective - it's NOT a gimmick - You'll find yourself playing them frequently - both on speakers AND via your headphones!


MIDNIGHT at Cabell Hall - folk group X-17 $16
Freyda & Acoustic AttaTude trio is joined by two other musicians in this live concert recorded on the campus of the University of Virginia. The dozen tunes cover American, Celtic, Bulgarian and other areas, plus a medley of a Celtic tune with a movement of a Telemann sonata. 48 min., Red House Records.

We didn't set out to be acoustical purists or anything like that, we were just simply blown away by how good everything sounded when we used this microphone technique...The simplicity of this recording style can also make you feel kind of naked...This process has fundamentally changed our approach of playing music together. - Freyda
The SR-Omegas did an excellent job with this binaural recording, which was made using an Aachen Head. The vocalist is placed back in a realistic space, and the sound of the strings is smooth and articulate. - AUDIO

INFINITY ROAD - Brenda Wilde X-18 $14
Keyboardist Wilde bills this New Age outing as An Instrumental Journey. She is joined by a number of other musicians on synthesizers, flute, piano, guitars, drums, and percussion. All are original tunes and 80% were recorded using the Aachen head. A binaural highlight is "Walk to the Beach" which is exactly that! 55 min., fr. Infinity Road Music.


=  CDs with this icon give the very Best Binaural sonic experience (though all of them demonstrate the effect)

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