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Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's breakthrough audio technology combines binaurally-processed ambient music with brainwave frequencies designed to promote deep sleep. The binaural audio makes the soundtracks more "user friendly" to the central nervous system. With 12-page instruction booklet. The Relaxation Company


Natural brainwave frequencies are subtly combined with binaurally-processed ambient music to orchestrate your state of mind; enhances relaxation, meditation, creativity, visualization and sleep. The 4 discs encourage Alpha, Theta, Delta and Alpha-Theta wave production; 24-p. informative booklet. The Relaxation Company



DAWN RAGA - U. Srinivas, mandolin - X-26 $18
South Indian classical music played by a virtuoso of the mandolin, accompanied by mridangam (Indian drums) and clay pots. Five ragas; recorded with custom Sony binaural system by pop producer Tchad Blake. Womad Select.

TAL NUTAG - The Voice of Urna Chahartugchi - X-27 $20
Vocalist of great range, emotion and exotic beauty sings 13 folksongs and improvisations of her Mongolian grasslands home, accompanied by guitar and zither. Aachen Head recordings. English summaries of songs are included. TAGGESSPIEGEL said: This singer opens horizons. You believe you are seeing landscapes you have never set foot on. KlangRaume label.


PINTADERAS - Made in Sardinia - Gesuino Deiana, guitar & his homeland's soundscape - X-28 - $18
A unique and captivating sound tour of this island's fascinating mix of many different cultures. Deiana's original and traditional guitar pieces are joined by harmonica and voices plus a variety of atmospheric natural sounds: birds, surf, seals, sheep, thunderstorm, night sounds. Close your eyes and enjoy an instant vacation in Sardinia! Original "bush" binaural recording from Tchad Blake on the Womad Select label.

Steve Gorn, Tony Levin & Jerry Marotta  X-31 (CD)  $15
This fascinating session of instrumental improvisations was recorded by Tchad Blake using an Aachen Head Acoustics System mike inside the Widow Jane Mine in the Catskill Mountains of New York. On some tracks he moves around the caves while recording the musicians.The voluminous acoustics of the cavernous spaces fascinated these three studio sidemen, who play with some of the top names in the pop music world. Gorn is heard on East Indian flutes and other reed instruments, Levin on the electronic Chapman Stick and various string basses, and Marotta is the percussionist, partial to the unique sound of the Taos drums. The album begins with walking into the cavern, and other tracks include: Shakers in Five, Glass Beads, Drumming on Water, Catacombs, Shepherd's Song and Squeeze Box. There are also some other outdoor music improvisation clips, including an Indian Burial Ground. Lavish three-part foldout album design; from Papa Bear Records.

A binaural recording called From the Caves of the Iron Mountain on Papa Bear Records was supplied by John Sunier of The Binaural Source ( or 1-800-934-0442) and Audiophile Audition ( To review this one, I broke out the EarMax triode headphone amp and the Sennheiser HD-580s. The recording was made in the Widow Jane Mine in the Catskill Mountains of New York. As I'm sure most of you know, binaural recordings are usually made by placing a pair of stereo microphones in the ears of a dummy head, so that when played back on headphones, it sounds like you are there in the recording venue. In this case, the microphones were sometimes placed in a human's ears while he walked among the players. The instruments on this recording are East Indian flutes, a soprano sax and clarinet, a Chapman stick (guitar-like), various types of prototype basses, Taos drums, and various other forms of percussion. The music is haunting, the recording acoustic is cavernous and dripping with water, the performance is quiet, mystical and mesmerizing, and the binaural soundstage supplies the listener with some eerily real moments over good headphones. There are interesting effects such as players receding into the distance of a vast acoustic space. I love binaural recordings, and this one is quite unusual and definitely worth serious consideration.
= Review by Dave Glackin in POSITIVE FEEDBACK, May-June 1999

Everyone's heard of Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, Paul Simon, Pink Floyd...but you may not know of Tony Levin, the bassist extraordinaire behind it all. Tony's extremely innovative, and...really demonstrates his unique style and method of playing unusual instruments...From the Caves of the Iron Mountain was recorded live entirely inside a cave near Woodstock, NY, using a binaural rig. Binaural recording is a technique that uses a dummy head to record what the human ear would ostensibly hear, making for a realistic stereo soundstage.
Jeff Cherun, in HOME THEATER, June 1998.

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