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Though all of our CDs bring you a transporting binaural experience, those throughout
the catalog with this icon provide the Best Binaural demonstration =

Nine Binaural Demo Tracks for Free Downloads plus Search Engine
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  • provides 360-degree virtual audio - all around you!
  • requires no special equipment - just your stereo headphones
  • you can experience it anywhere - in privacy or with someone else
  • not only loudspeaker-compatible but also gives you superb surround sound via any matrix surround decoder

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For Virtual Audio, Binaural Is Where It's @!
We have online shopping, or call 800-934-0442 (12-3 weekdays PST) to speak to someone intimately familiar with our recordings. Or call us if you prefer a free printed catalog via snail mail. Shipping & Handling Rates Here

OUT OF CHURCHES Binaural Sampler CD - FREE! WITH A MINIMUM PURCHASE OF ANY OTHER TWO CDs* IN OUR ONLINE CATALOG. You'll discover the jaw-dropping realism of binaural even on a portable player or in your car! For description of this exciting 14-complete-tracks sampler - including Bach, Vivaldi & Charlie Parker among others - Click Here. [* = total of least $20; Binaural Trio Offer counts as one CD. You must put the free CD (S-9) in your shopping cart in order to receive it.]

Check Out our Free Binaural Demo Downloads in MP3! Plug in your stereo headphones and experience a completely new dimension! We are the exclusive source of most of these recordings - which also sound great on a pair of stereo speakers and especially on surround sound systems! We realize most of our artists may be unfamiliar to you - though they are all of the highest professional level. Therefore since we want you to enjoy the musical experience as much as you will enjoy the sound experience, we allow exchanges of any of our CDs on a dollar-per-dollar basis. Details here.

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