BINAURAL AUDITION - varied sampler [cass. only]


Side 1 is music; Side 2 sound environments. Cello quartet, sax quartet, percussion group, jazz group, gospel trio, Andean folk group, mandolin orchestra, train ride, church bells, lions, wave organ, German beer garden, Las Vegas sounds, Chinatown, SF cable car, New Orleans sound tour, white water rafting & more. Produced by John Sunier using primarily Sennheiser MKE 2002 mike system. A great introduction to binaural sound and I recommend it highly. - Al Fasoldt in FANFARE. Realtime Dolby B cassette on high quality high-bias Fuji tape, 60+ min. [This is the only recording in our catalog that is not compatible for loudspeaker playback since the consumer-level mike system was not equalized for proper speaker playback.]
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