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Binaural is from the root 'bi' (as in binary) and 'aural', and means, 'of, related to, or involving both ears'. Binaural also refers to a method of recording sound with the intent to create a 3D sensation for the listener of being in the room with the performer, and is finding renewed application with today's Spatial Audio engineering and sound design. The term is also commonly associated with 'binaural beats' used for hemispheric brain synchronization to achieve certain brainwaves, meditative states, and/or heightened states of perception.What Makes Valuable?"Prominent, single word domains are in high demand due to their scarcity, and benefits of such domains include instant brand recognition and enhanced marketability. It’s rare to have an opportunity to acquire a category defining asset such as this" ~ Robert Pacelli, CEO, JM Bullion (world's largest precious metals retailer), speaking on the company's recent acquisition of benefit to owning meaningful, one-word, dot-com domains such as include...>> Your brand perceived as an inherent industry leader (It makes you an instant player, like moving out of a back alley into Times Square)>> Better conversions on digital and traditional ad spend (by some accounts as much as 50 to 100x)>> Website traffic increase, compounding the higher conversions>> Improved SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and algorithmic search rankings, a highly competitive landscape some businesses spend a fortune on>> Memorable, one-word, dot-com domains 'stick' in the minds of consumers, leading to greater customer retentionTHE PREMIUM DOMAIN ROI FORMULA:More Leads + Higher Conversion Rates + Improved Customer Retention = ACCELERATED GROWTHAdditionally...>> You need only buy a great domain once, yet the ROI recurs year after year, over the life of your ownership>> If that wasn't enough, unlike traditional "sunk cost" marketing (print, billboard, radio, television, etc), it even retains it's valueIf you would like to begin a conversation with the domain owner, submit the form on this page and you can expect a reply normally within a few business days..